7 Comedy Web Series You Need to Check Out

Burning Love

For all the talk over the last several years about web series becoming the next big thing for new, creative content, there’s yet to be that huge push that signals a renaissance in the medium. But that all seems poised to change in 2014 as the web series genre appears to be maturing to a point that its ready for the majority of casual viewers to take a strong, hard look at some of the best creative content around.

While Netflix can probably take a lot of credit for further legitimizing web-based original content last year when House of Cards became the first ever recipient of a major Emmy for a web-based series, the truth is that web series have been getting better and better over the past several years — especially in the comedy genre, which better lends itself to the shorter offerings common in web-based content.

So, if you’ve been putting off taking a look at some of the many comedy web series available, or have avoided the medium altogether, it’s time to put aside what you think about web-based content and give it another try. To get you started, here are seven great comedy web series getting attention, but don’t hesitate to branch out from there, because there’s a ton of great content available and there will be even more as the year starts gaining steam.