7 Comic Book Superheroes Racking Up the Sales

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Comic book properties continue to be the dominant force in Hollywood as a series of high-profile projects loom in the near future, but the impact of comic book films on the titles themselves is a discussion that is certainly worth mentioning as comics continue to blast into the mainstream.

The Guardian ran an article in June that outlines the data accompanying comic book sales over the past 10 years. The infographic uses data that seem to outline the significant impact well-received films can have on sales of the comics they are based on. The same data also show that poorly received comic book films can negatively impact print sales and lead to decreased popularity overall. Needless to say, the popularity of the films is a huge indicator of trends in comic popularity.

So what heroes are trending upwards or downwards in recent years? Here’s a list of the seven top-selling comic book properties in 2012.