7 Commendable Cars and SUVs From 2013

Jaguar F-Type

No two models of vehicles are the same, and the same can be said for auto critics — no two are the same, and they each possess their own opinions and priorities. Don’t we all? Therefore, it’s fun to see who chooses what as their top picks for a given year, as each set of vehicles will be different. Here are the seven cars that Jason Harper, the host of Fast Lane and a regular contributor for Bloomberg, choseHe has just listed his seven top picks from 2013 — after sitting behind the wheel of each.

“Automakers are releasing new and significantly revised cars at an absolutely frantic pace,” Harper says. “Most of them are, amazingly, quite good. A few are even better than that, managing to define, change or recharge a segment. These are my picks for the best autos of 2013.”

7. Convertible: Jaguar F-Type V8S

Jaguar’s return to the roadster form has been nothing short of amazing, and the F-Type V8S is the pinnacle of Jaguar’s current design. Harper describes the experience of the V8S as “a vortex of wind buzzing your scalp and sinful sounds coming from the engine bay. The sinking feeling that a speeding ticket is inevitable.” If you’ve ever heard a video — or heard one in person — you can surely relate. “The sound of the engine and the burst of power light up all of the brain’s pleasure centers. Addictive.” Harper adds.