7 Evergreen Mobile Tips for Apple and Google

iphonesWhich tech companies will come out on top, as people continue to gravitate towards app-centered mobile Internet usage, and away from browser-based desktop Internet usage? Respected tech commentator and venture capitalist Bill Gurley outlines several challenges facing tech companies as they transition to a mobile, app-centric world.

On his Above the Crowd blog, Gurley notes several important characteristics of successful mobile device applications, and offers some advice for “browser-based Internet incumbents,” such as Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) — companies that have an inherent, strategic disadvantage when compared with smaller, more nimble startups.

1. Keep It Simple

facebook on phone

Gurley notes that mobile users have a “one-click usability expectation” for mobile applications. In this sense, websites that have a lot of features, such as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), are at a natural disadvantage. “Mobile values the single solution, one sharp blade rather than a Swiss army knife,” writes Gurley.