7 Films to Pay Attention to This Weekend

(Source Warner Bros.)

The fall movie season is heating up and this week adds some notable wide and limited releases into theaters where Warner Bros.’s (NYSE:TWX) Gravity continues to soak up the majority of headlines. But as Sony’s (NYSE:SNE) Captain Phillips proved last week, even with Gravity breaking records left and right, there’s still room for other films to shine at the box office. Here’s a preview of the weekend box office along with some notable limited releases.

1. Gravity (Warner Bros.)

The movie event of 2013 just keeps on running circles around the competition. As of Tuesday, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity was first place at the box office every single day since its release — that’s twelve straight days at number one. Although Tuesday represented the lowest box office daily total for the film yet — $4 million — that’s a still a huge number for a Tuesday in October. Warner Bros.’s space epic is widely expected to place first this weekend to make it three weekends in a row at number one. A weekend take somewhere in the realm of $30 million seems reasonable, which would put Gravity’s box office decline through three weekends at about 20 percent week over week — a hugely impressive number by any measure.

As of October 16, Gravity has grossed about $136 million domestic and $68 million overseas for a worldwide total of $204 million. While the domestic run for Gravity still has strong legs moving forward, the film is expected to garner a huge box office take overseas where it has only just begun an expansion into some of the most powerful film markets. Additionally, Warner Bros. recently received the good news that China — the world’s second largest film market — would accept Gravity for distribution following weeks of speculation that the film might be shut out by China’s Film Bureau.