7 Most Critically Acclaimed New TV Shows of 2013

Source: Netflix

While the biggest TV news of 2013 was about the end of a beloved show (Breaking Bad), plenty of excellent series also had their debuts. Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) made its first foray into original programming and changed the television landscape as a whole in the process. Two shows on this list were produced by Netflix. Here’s a list of seven shows that debuted in 2013 to much critical acclaim.

1. House of Cards, Netflix

A lot of ink was spilled over House of Cards in 2013. Not only is the show a high-quality political drama directed by none other than David Fincher, it was also the show that proved Netflix is capable of producing original programming so good that it’s worth getting a Netflix subscription to see.

The show was nominated for nine Emmys and took home three, including a Best Director of a Drama Series win for Fincher. Robin Wright won the Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama award at the Golden Globes for her portrayal of Claire Underwood. These accolades show that the television community at large is ready to take Netflix seriously.

The show’s star, Kevin Spacey, has been vocal about the advantages Netflix has over networks in terms of producing original programming, and it seems as though the online streaming service will keep the ball rolling, with several new shows set to debut in 2014, as well as a new season of House of Cards.