7 Most Made-in-America Cars That You Can Buy

As U.S. automakers rebound and consumer confidence trends back on the rise, more and more American drivers are promising to “buy local.” This commitment is evidenced by Cars.com’s recent study in 2012, which illustrated that 25 percent of shoppers preferred to buy American.

So where should these devoted Americans go to buy their vehicles? Cars.com breaks it down with its updated “Most American Cars” index. The site annually compiles the list by taking into consideration the amount of parts each vehicle uses that come from America, where its final assembly takes places, and how many units per year are sold. The index is meant to serve buyers looking for the best American-made cars, and also show car shoppers that the ‘American-Made’ stamp is not only limited to the Detroit three.

This year’s list is especially distinctive because it is the first time in four years that a domestic automaker takes the #1 spot for “Most American,” even though the list is a fairly even split between foreign-owned automakers and domestic-owned automakers. Here are the 7 Most Made in America Cars:

7. Toyota Tundra

Toyota Motor’s (NYSE:TM) Tundra comes in at No.7 on the list. Assembled in San Antonio, Texas, the Tundra represents one of the two full-sized pickup trucks that make the American Made index. Trucks have been dominating auto sales in 2013 thanks to a rebounding housing market and consumers who are willing to buy again. And reports show that buyers are turning to pickup trucks — good news for Toyota’s Tundra, which has benefited from increased support from customers, especially in its state of creation, Texas.

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