7 New Features You May See in the iPhone 5S

Summer is coming, and (we all hope) that means the iPhone 5S is coming soon, too. Recent speculation that the next iteration of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) bestseller may be coming out sooner than the company has led us to believe has got the rumor mill spinning. We round up the several possible features that have repeatedly been discussed as possible additions to the next iPhone. Here’s a breakdown:

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One major change could be the replacement of the iPhone’s physical home button. This button is one of the most frequently repaired parts on the smartphone, and an unconfirmed report from TechNews reveals that Apple may be considering replacing it with a sapphire crystal capacitive touch button. Besides eliminating the problematic moving part, the introduction of a new touch button could also allow designers to further expand the possibilities of Apple’s minimalist design philosophy. The sapphire crystal capacitive touch button is also rumored to function as a fingerprint sensor, which leads us to our next rumor.