7 Popular Automobiles Getting Full Redesigns in 2014

For today’s automakers, there’s nothing worse than leaving a lackluster product on the market for years while it is pummeled by superior cars and trucks. Failing to improve upon a flop can do permanent damage a brand’s image. The only way out is to design a new model from the ground up and show you’ve learned your lesson.

For the the 2014 and 2015 model years, automakers came out with guns blazing. The best-selling vehicle in the United States is getting a full makeover, while muscle and midsize classics are also finding themselves with new suits and interior machinery. By the end of 2014, much will change in the auto industry. Here are seven popular automobiles whose redesigns are making headlines.

2015 Hyundai-Genesis

2015 Genesis

1. Hyundai Genesis

Looks don’t tell a car’s whole story, but the 2015 Hyundai (HYMLF.PK) Genesis has styling worth celebrating. The all-new sedan will appear in mid-2014 with impressive exterior upgrades, Intelligent Drive controls, and all-wheel-drive capability. Despite having the current model in a phasing-out period, Genesis sales spiked 37 percent in December 2013 compared to the year prior.

A new Genesis gives Hyundai another shot to establish its premium models as a viable value alternative to European brands. To get the buzz going, Hyundai has a Super Bowl commercial touting the advanced safety features of the 2015 Genesis. Here’s a peek: