7 States With the Least Student Debt

Student Debt

Student debt is one of the most perilous types of obligations that have ballooned over the past decades. While some types of debt, such as a mortgage, can be used to build an asset and to avoid paying rent, student loans do not help graduates to accrue value or to increase equity. Instead, student debts act as a cramp for graduates, the very people who are struggling to get a grasp on the bottom of the corporate and societal ladders.

With debts, the choices for jobs become limited, prioritizing immediate income and excess funds over the most interesting job or the career that would build the most human capital skills for the future. In addition, debts often prevent students from furthering their education until they have paid off their obligations, delaying graduate school for thousands across the nation.

While there are many ways to sidestep student loans, often the most effective way to fight them is by simply attending a cheaper college, forcing many prospective students to choose their university based on their finances rather than on their interests or their academic program. Even the mere threat of loads of debt is enough to convince most incoming students to seek out a cheaper option. Often times, those options vary not only in caliber of school, but also in location, with regional variance in student debt being incredibly high. That being said, let’s take a look at the 7 states in the country with the lowest levels of student debt.