8 Awesome Discontinued Cars That We Want Back

History is full of great moments, and the same can be said about the automotive industry. While vehicles are pulled from production almost every single year, there are often the gems that only become more appreciated after they go.

There have been so many vehicles pulled off the road that it would be incredibly difficult to touch on all the great ones — but here is a handful of what we think were great cars that are no longer in service. What cars do you miss? What cars would you bring back?


1. Ford Ranger

The Ford (NYSE:F) Ranger was an efficient and simple truck that offered its owners enough capability for small tasks, perfect for those who didn’t have the need to move up to the larger F-Series pickups. Moreover, the Ranger soldiered on for numerous years with few changes, most of them being cosmetic. For those who just needed to move some hardware, lengths of pipe or lumber, or even some light towing, the Ranger was a top pick.