8 Cars (and Trucks) Dead for 2014

Each year, automakers use the changing of the calendar to clean out their closets a bit by trimming the dead weight from their lineups and focusing their attention on better-selling vehicles. With 2013 nearing its end in just a handful of weeks, these companies have decided which cars will stay and, more importantly, which will go.

Here are eight vehicles that won’t be living on into the new year. Most sold mediocrely at best (save for the Toyota Matrix, which sold pretty well), and it’s safe to say that none of the following were true staples in anyone’s lineup — in short, we’ve suffered worse discontinuations in the past.

Here are eight cars that won’t be seeing life after 2013, arranged alphabetically, courtesy of The Detroit News.


1. Acura ZDX

Acura’s (NYSE:HMC) oddly proportioned, pricey fast-back SUV was the answer to a question that no one was really asking, and Acura seems to be taking the hint. While BMW has enjoyed moderate success with its X6, the style didn’t translate well for Acura, which built the ZDX as a high-end Honda Crosstour, but with less cargo space.