8 Excellent Luxury Sedans: There’s Something for Everyone

As the luxury auto market becomes increasingly competitive, it has been getting more and more difficult to discern which cars are better overall. Cars have come such a long way that, with a few exceptions, there are arguably few bad picks; different cars will have their own drawbacks, but ultimately, each car excels at one thing or another in ways where its rivals might fall short.

Added to this are buyer opinions and allegiances; some cars which have been nothing but headaches for someone may have been the best cars that others have driven. The following is a smattering of luxury sedans that fall into the midsize class, with each offering certain strengths that make that car all the more desirable for the buyers looking for a particular kind of thing. This list is by no means comprehensive, and the following vehicles are not ranked by any particular metric.

Best bet for interior comforts: Mercedes-Benz E-Class


With Mercedes-Benz, regardless of which of the many trims levels you choose, one thing is guaranteed: it’ll more than likely have a damned nice interior. “The cabin of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is meant to evoke classic themes from past models, combining angular architecture, first-rate materials and a decidedly austere look, especially when adorned in monotone color schemes and dark wood trim,” Edmunds observes.

“The seats are firm, but offer impressive comfort and support for the long haul,” it continues, adding that “the two-door and AMG models feature snug sport seats that keep you in place through quick, sharp turns. The sedan’s backseat is quite spacious, matching the BMW 5 Series as the most welcoming rear quarters in the midsize luxury class.”