8 Great Sports Cars To Buy Under $50,000

For those with a bit of cash to kick around and who don’t have to worry about practicality issues, there are numerous cars on the market that offer looks, performance, and fun. Just about every manufacturer has at least one run-about that offers traces of track-derived DNA in a package more suited for everyday driving. Here are a few of them, which can be purchased new for under $50,000. These are only a sample of the broad array of offerings that sports car buyers face. Which car would you add to the list?

1. Audi TTS


The Audi TTS is a more humble, softer approach to sports cars, but it packs a healthy 265 horsepower punch coming from an unassuming 2.0 litre inline-four. At $47,350, the TTS brings all the finesse and accouterments that Audi has a reputation for, formatted in a fun, perky little package. Comfortably nestled between the base TT and the top-spec TTRS, the TTS serves as a sort of sleeper unit that combines the performance characteristics of the TTRS with the refinement and urbanity of the entry TT.

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