8 Hardcore Sedans for Under $50K: Your 2014 Guide

Well-endowed in the horsepower department? Check. Ample room for passengers? Check. Room for Cargo? Absolutely. Regardless of why people enjoy high-performance sedans, there are several options out there that cater to just about every need, whether its brutal, raw power, or a bigger emphasis on comfort.

These cars typically follow the traditional muscle car setup, with big power coming from the front, usually on its way to the rear or all four wheels by means of a traditional six speed transmission, though that latter bit is changing rapidly. So whether it’s carving curves on a winding highway, shredding up a rural dirt road, or trying to get the kids to school on time, here’s a list of high performance sedans that all fall under $50,000.

Since we here at Wall St. Cheat Sheet haven’t driven the vehicles in question ourselves, we turned to the automotive expertise of Edmunds.com, Car & Driver, and others for some insight as to the pros and cons of each vehicle. Here are eight options for exciting sedans that are either available now, or will be in the near future; the following are ranked alphabetically.