8 New Cars Coming to Thrill You in 2014

Though some haven’t gotten used to the ring of 2014 cars, the next offerings are not that far away. The 2014 line features recharged versions of old standards, hybrid performance in luxury sedans, and (at least in one case) a scorching vehicle that could run buyers  seven figures before taking a spin. Here are the eight cars coming to thrill you in 2014.

Audi A3

8. 2015 Audi A3 E-Tron Plug-In Hybrid (mid-2014)

Audi has gone on the record saying it is proud to have produced a plug-in hybrid that doesn’t look like one. That gesture will appeal to many drivers, and indeed it’s difficult to tell the difference at a glance, especially from this early picture of the concept car. Slated to arrive sometime in the middle of 2014, the A3 E-Tron Plug-in Hybrid will get around 30 miles on a full charge (over 500 miles in total range). The car has some muscle, too, generating 204 hp on 258 lb-ft of torque. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet.