8 People Making Hollywood’s Most Visually Striking Films

wally pfister

Of all the major roles behind the camera, the cinematographer is often one of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle even though the position carries enormous responsibility. Alternatively called the director of photography, or DP, the cinematographer is the person responsible for the camera and lighting crews on the set of a film. And depending on the director, a cinematographer is responsible for varying degrees of creative control over the artistic and technical decisions related to the image in the final film.

If you tend not to pay attention to the names of the cinematographer attached to some of your favorite films, you might be surprised to see the same names popping up in some of the most visually striking films over the past several years. With collaborations between directors and cinematographers being one of the closest relationships on set, some directors have used the same DP over the course of two or three films — sometimes even more.

Here are eight of the top working cinematographers in the film industry and some of their recent projects and notable successes in the craft.