8 Travel Gadgets to Keep You Busy in 2014

Source: http://shop.ableplanet.com/noise-cancellation-headphones/sound-clarity-reg-nc550s.html

As more people find themselves traveling, whether for business or pleasure, demand increases for fun and practical gadgets that make the trips a little easier. For 2014, technology companies have pulled out all the stops to make sure travelers’ needs are met. Noise-canceling headphones have been taken to the next level, Bluetooth wireless speakers produce crystal-clear sound and Aero-trays help maximize tight spaces for airline passengers. Read on for the best technology gadgets for 2014.

1. Able Planet Linx Fusion Noise-Canceling Headphones

These headphones transmit audio through your ear, skin, and bone, producing crystal clear sound, despite any outside noise, according to Travel + Leisure. No need to stress about ear damage either — it’s at a volume that’s 70 decibels lower than standard headphones, which minimizes the risk of hurting your ears. It’s perfect for those moments on a long flight where you just want to drown out the background noise. They will be available in February for $350.

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