9 Top NFL Running Backs of All Time

adrian peterson

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson had reason to celebrate Sunday, because not only was it the day he joined the League’s list of greats with 10,000 rushing yards —  it was also the day he did it in the third-fastest time.

According to Bleacher Report, it was on Peterson’s home turf in Minneapolis where he became the third-fastest player to reach 10,000 career rushing years in NFL history on Sunday, and the match was played against the Chicago Bears who fell to the Vikings 23-20 in overtime. Peterson finished the game with 211 yards on 35 carries, and he now only stands behind hall of famers Jim Brown and Eric Dickerson as the running backs to register 10,000 rushing yards in the quickest time.

Bleacher Report also highlighted Sunday that Peterson is now the fifth running back to reach 10,000 rushing yards within his first seven seasons, joining the company of Dickerson, LaDainian Thompson, Emmitt Smith, and Barry Sanders. Peterson is now 28, nearing the typical break-down age for running backs, but history has still proven that he is unlike most ordinary backs and likely has more fuel in his tank — exciting onlookers for what’s to come. Still, the running back has a far way to go to catch up to the League’s top leaders on the Rushing Yards list — 10,057 yards — if we’re getting technical, but there’s no doubt he’ll try to take that record, too.

Here are the 9 top NFL running backs who currently hold the record for most career rushing yards, according to Pro-Football-Reference.com.