Adtran Earnings Call Nuggets: Opportunities with AT&T and International Revenues

Adtran, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTN) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Opportunities with AT&T

Simona Jankowski – Goldman Sachs: I just had a couple of questions. The first one pertains to the potential opportunity at AT&T (NYSE:T). Can you just give us an update of where that stands in terms of the RFP process and how you think Adtran might be positioned for that?

Thomas R. Stanton – CEO and Chairman: Yeah. So, I really – it’s difficult for me to talk about specific customers, because of their concerns and they like to make their own announcements. But I’ll talk to you in general. In general, I think we are feeling very good that we have a very good product fit. I think our relationship with AT&T has historically been very strong. We had previously announced our agreement with Ericsson as the domain supplier in order to be able to sell our products into that opportunity. They had previously been selected, so I think that was very good understanding of what the potential is from a product and feature set perspective. We think it’s a very good fit. And we’re feeling very good about it.

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Simona Jankowski – Goldman Sachs: And then the second question was pertaining more to your international business which declined quite a bit sequentially, and as you mentioned, that was largely in line with your expectations given the wind-down there at Telmex. But in the past you had talked about some other international opportunities even in the organic business. And so, can you update us on where we stand with those? And then specifically then to the BBA aspect of that, obviously, as you pointed out, the timing there was a little bit unfortunate, but now that we’ve seen Deutsche Telekom and potentially others talk about increased spending in 2013, what would you expect directionally to happen in NSN in the BBA business, and is there a final update for where those revenues shook out for 2012?