Alcoa WINS Airbus Supply Agreements and 3 Hot Stocks Driving the Market Today

Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) reversal of strategy on the vexed sales tax issue has revenue-hungry states working out deals with it; on the other hand physical retailers, for long used to complaining about Amazon’s unfair sales-tax advantage, have the tables turned on them because the physical warehouses now provide Amazon with a terrific logistic advantage – delivery within a day.

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IMAX (NASDAQ:IMAX) signs deals to open three new theatre systems that will mean it has 229 theaters open or contracted to open across Greater China. The company’s network expansion is likely boosted by the Chinese government’s new-found affinity for Hollywood in the form of significant relaxations on the exhibition of foreign films.

The latest in a string of big ticket orders for Boeing (NYSE:BA) is a $2.3 billion order for 30 next-gen 737 jets by Dublin-based leasing firm Avolon; according to reports, United Airlines (NYSE:UAL) is also likely to book 100 737 MAX planes for $9 billion tomorrow.

Alcoa’s (NYSE:AA) strategy to develop “break-through technologies that are surpassing what composites can offer” (in the words of Senior Alcoa exec Olivier Jarrault) may have played a role in its win of multiyear agreements worth an estimated $1.4 billion for supplies to Airbus.

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