Amazon Has a “Shitstorm” on Its Hands

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) may be creating thousands of jobs, but many of the Internet retailer’s employees are less than happy with their positions. In Germany, a grim portrait of life at Amazon’s packing and distribution centers was revealed in a documentary that was broadcast on Wednesday by the television channel ARD.

In a series of interviews, temporary workers hired through agencies on Amazon’s behalf spoke of long hours, short breaks, and pay lower than promised. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that these employees, who were recruited to handle the Christmas season’s higher demand, come from other European countries where unemployment is high and jobs at Amazon seem like a prize. But that view is rapidly changing.

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Not only are working conditions allegedly below standard at Amazon’s logistic centers, but the company’s temporary staff have been “subjected to a climate of intimidation,” according to The Associated Press. They faced constant searches and harassment from security guards that wear black uniforms linked to Germany’s neo-Nazi culture and sport military haircuts. Even the name of security firm used by Amazon — HESS Security — is reminiscent of Nazi Germany; Rudolf Hess was one of Adolf Hitler’s deputies…

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