American Capital Ltd Earnings Call Nuggets: Increased Interest and Dividend Income and ACAM

American Capital Ltd (NASDAQ:ACAS) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Increased Interest and Dividend Income

Richard Shane – JPMorgan: What are the significant trends on the quarter was the reversal on the nonaccruals which was a very positive step? The other thing we noticed that there was a step up in interest and dividend income. I am wondering if they were related to the nonaccruals any sort of one-time true ups that we should understand, just as we’re modeling things going forward?

Pete Deoudes – Director, Equity Capital Markets: Let me ask the Wilkus if he would.

John Erickson – President, Structured Finance and CFO: To give the recent detail for the number.

Malon Wilkus – Chairman and CEO: Yeah. We actually have a slide in the presentation. If you go to Slide 49, that shows the impact of the nonaccrual adjustments for the quarter. So, on the interest income side, there was about $30 million positive benefit during the quarter and on the dividend income side, there is about a $2 million positive impact for the quarter related to non-accruals adjustment from prior period, out of – you recall out of period adjustments.

Richard Shane – JPMorgan: Got it. I’m looking in the slide now. I didn’t catch that. That’s very helpful.