Analyst: Apple Investors Need This Confidence-Booster

With the sentiment surrounding Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock staying glum, the company needs to announce something big and improve shareholders’ mood, Barclays Capital’s Ben Reitzes has said in a research note. Reitzes has a clear-cut solution for the company to get out of its “funk”, adding: “Apple needs the living room.”

What is Apple’s Problem?

“Apple remains in correction territory with shares down 24 percent since September 21st (S&P 500 down about 3 percent over the same time frame) – and down 9.5 percent in the last week (S&P 500 was flat) after a partial recovery,” the analyst writes, according to Barron’s. “Most of the questions we are fielding are around long-term margin sustainability and a potential for a significant sequential sales slowdown after the December quarter — in both the March and June quarters.”

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Reitzes adds that at a recent investor conference, while 55 percent of the shareholders felt that concerns around margins were the biggest issue hampering Apple’s stock, 30 percent believed that the company was suffering from a lapse in innovation. Why?…

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