Analyst: Apple’s Got Its Market Share on LOCK!

Mizuho Securities lifted its Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) sales estimates after its survey found that 95 percent of Mac owners want their next computer purchase to be another Mac. About 70 percent of respondents who owned both Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows and Mac machines also said they would go for the Apple computer as their next buy.

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“Nearly a quarter of the respondents reported owning at least one Mac, with 6 percent of the participants owning only Mac computers,” Mizuho’s Abhey Lamba wrote in a note to investors. “Around 30 percent of our survey participants planned to purchase a Mac as their next computer. Macs also exhibited the highest level of brand loyalty — 95 percent of the Mac only users indicated that their next purchase will be an Apple computer and 70 percent of the respondents who owned both Mac and Windows machines planned to buy a Mac.”

Lamba reiterated his Buy rating on shares of Apple, upping sales estimates for the Mac and the iPad, but lowering those for the iPhone. The analyst raised his Mac laptop units estimate to 3.09 million and 3.78 million, respectively, for the June and September quarters, up from 3.03 million and 3.68 million, previously. He also increased his iPad numbers for the two quarters to 15.93 million units and 20.71 million, respectively, from a prior 15.22 million and 19.02 million.

While he said that Microsoft would address the shortcomings of the tablet market, Lamba wrote he did not think Apple’s iPad was under any threat. Microsoft “has its work cut out as it commanded the lowest hits among purchase intentions” in the survey, he added.

However, the analyst cut his iPhone estimates this quarter and in the next to 27.18 million units and 25.82 million units from a prior 32.44 million and 28.55 million, respectively. “For iPhones, our checks indicate that there is some slowdown impacting current sales,” he wrote. “Additionally, our supply chain checks indicate that Apple is likely running slightly below plan for the June quarter due to end demand deceleration ahead of the iPhone 5 launch. However, the supply chain partners are preparing for a very strong holiday season driven by the upgrade cycle and we expect iPhone 5 to drive a significant part of that demand.”

Lamba added that Apple was “clearly gaining significant momentum.”

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