Apple and AT&T Settle With iPad 3G Owners

iPad 3 2011 AppleIf you are one of the many consumers who purchased one of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) 3G-enabled iPads through AT&T (NYSE:T), you may be eligible for a cash payout or other benefit from both companies. According to a recently proposed class action lawsuit settlement, consumers who purchased the iPad 3G  from AT&T could receive a $40 check from Apple and a $20 per month discount on an AT&T data plan, reports Apple Insider.

The class action lawsuit was filed after AT&T revoked an unlimited data plan that was offered to consumers who purchased Apple’s iPad 3G from the wireless carrier. According to court papers published by Mikey Campbell, “All United States residents who purchased or ordered an Apple iPad with 3G capability (iPad 3G) in the United States on or before June 7, 2010” are eligible for this settlement, including iPad 3G owners “who did not sign up for or purchase an ATTM [AT&T Mobility] data plan for that iPad 3G at any time.”

As noted by Apple Insider, AT&T was the first U.S. carrier to offer the iPad with cellular capabilities and it promoted the sale of the device by offering an “unlimited” 3G data plan. However, after the initial wave of iPad 3G purchases, AT&T controversially discontinued the plan in 2010.