Apple Expections and 4 Hot Stocks Today

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Global tablet shipments will likely see a 72.7 percent rise sequentially to 40.93 million units during Q4, according to DigiTimes. DigiTimes senior research analyst James Wang stated that Apple will continue to be the largest global vendor,  Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) will rank second, and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) will be third.

Whiting Petroleum Corp. (NYSE:WLL): Statoil (NYSE:STO) approached Whiting Petroleum (NYSE:WLL) with a potential bid that has a worth of about $7.6 billion, according to Reuters, who cited a report from Apparently, Whiting hired Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) to advise it on the possible $65 per share offer.

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SandRidge Energy, Inc. (NYSE:SD): TPG-Axon, who owns over 4.5 percent of the outstanding shares of SandRidge Energy, sent a letter to SandRidge’s Board of Directors. To unlock the value of the company in the best interests of shareholders, TPG-Axon has called for: The Board of Directors must be significantly reconfigured, and certain directors must be replaced with credible, independent directors, chosen after extensive consultation with large shareholders. Furthermore, large shareholders should be invited to join the board, if they wish. Then, the Board will reconfigure management and leadership of the company. TPG-Axon thinks CEO Tom Ward’s credibility has been too soiled to continue. The company must bring in new management seen as credible, experienced, and highly competent. The Board will likely hire an advisor to examine all strategic alternatives. When considering the difficult challenge of restoring confidence, the Board must also consider whether or not the value of the company’s assets will be maximized instead via a sale to another company.

Rentech Nitrogen Partners LP (NYSE:RNF) has reiterated its guidance for the twelve months that end on December 31, 2012, and the company says that that it predicts that cash available for distribution to exceed $126 million or $3.30 per unit, and EBITDA to exceed $130 million. The company stated, “Rentech Nitrogen has delivered, or has forward purchase commitments for 100% of its forecasted deliveries of ammonia and UAN for 2012. The Partnership has already purchased or contracted at fixed prices 100% of the natural gas required to produce the product already delivered or forecasted to be delivered during the twelve months ending December 31, 2012. Rentech Nitrogen expects low grain inventories caused by the drought to continue to have a favorable impact on nitrogen prices and demand for the remainder of 2012 and 2013.”

Agrium Inc. (NYSE:AGU) has stated that it hasn’t been approached by any possible buyers for its farm retail division, Reuters has stated. CEO Mike Wilson claims, “We get people sniffing around all the time, just like we do looking at other companies…I haven’t had anyone come to give me an offer on our retail business.”

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