Apple Gets a Patent Slap

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) standards-essential patent lawsuit against Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) unit Motorola has been thrown out of a district court in Wisconsin. Federal judge Barbara Crabb dismissed the case, scheduled to start hearing on Monday, with prejudice, which means that it is now over at the trial court level and can only be appealed.

“We’re pleased that the court has dismissed Apple’s lawsuit with prejudice,” Google said in a statement to AllThingsD. “Motorola has long offered licensing to our extensive patent portfolio at a reasonable and non-discriminatory rate in line with industry standards. We remain interested in reaching an agreement with Apple.”

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Apple had alleged Motorola was misusing patents deemed standards essential by asking for a high licensing rate for them. It added in a filing made last week that it was willing to pay no more than $1 per iPhone for the use of the technology detailed in the patents, while Motorola had asked for 2.25 percent of all net sales.

The iPhone maker is reportedly now seeking to have the court order be made without prejudice, so it can be heard later.

Apple has been fighting Google as well as the search company’s various Android partners in several patent cases around the world. In one of the more famous cases, a jury in San Jose, California, had ruled Samsung guilty of violation and ordered it to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages. Samsung has since appealed the ruling.

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