Apple is Hogging These Tech Purchases

Over the past six months, $1 out of every $25 spent by users of Markco Media’s on tech products went to Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), the discount and deals site has said. About 58 percent of survey respondents said they had bought an Apple product in the last year. Of those, 45 percent bought an iPad, 21 percent purchased an iPhone 5, 18 percent grabbed a MacBook laptop, and 16 percent bought an iPod nano.

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“We were interested in discovering how much Apple products we sell through our website,,” the site’s Mark Pearson said in a statement, according to “We were shocked to discover that not only were Apple products searched for heavily on the site, but also that $1 in every $25 was spent on Apple products.”

The website added that searches and sales for Apple-related products rose 56 percent over the past six months. About 51 percent of those polled said Apple was making the “best tech products on the market,” 27 percent said they were attracted by student discounts on Apple, and 22 percent said Apple’s “dominance” of the app market had prompted them into the purchase.

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