Apple Just Can’t Get This Monkey Off Its Back

The smartphone war continues raging on the litigation front, and it appears it’s Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) against the world. Apple and Samsung’s (SSNLF.PK) U.S. patent case is returning to court, as both sides bring new evidence and demands to the bench. The appeals come after a previous verdict ruled entirely against Samsung, despite courts in other countries having far more nuanced verdicts that penalized both parties in some instances.

Apple, which received a U.S. sales ban on a number of Samsung devices after a previous verdict, seeks to expand the sales ban to cover a number of current devices, including the popular Galaxy S III. Samsung, in turn, is looking to attack the iPhone 5 for patent infringement, and has an edge to protect itself.

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During the original case, the jury foreman did not identify that he had previously gone bankrupt and been sued by Seagate Technology Inc., with which has a “substantial strategic relationship.” Samsung argues that the foreman had tainted the jury’s decision-making process with prejudices against Samsung, and it seeks to lift the sales ban on these grounds.

The case will return to trial in 2014, at which time the devices in question will likely be largely irrelevant on the market, though reparations may still be steep.

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