Apple v. Samsung: Judge Slashes Settlement And Urges Appeals

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) lawsuit with smart device rival Samsung (SSNLF.PK) has reached a turning point. The case hinges on the verdict handed down by District Judge Lucy Koh, in which she slashed Samsung’s settlement by nearly $450.5 million, or about half of the $1.05 billion that the company was originally supposed to pay Apple for patent infringements.┬áKoh found that the jury had relied on an “impermissible legal theory” when it calculated damages related to 14 of Samsung’s smartphones and tablets, and ordered a new trial to determine damages.

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While Koh encouraged both sides to appeal her ruling before any new trial, Apple now says any attempt to appeal at this point would likely be shot down without a substantive decision, and called on Koh to schedule a damages trial first. In a different filing, Samsung asked Koh to issue a partial decision so it could go about filing an appeal of the now $600 million or settlement that the company would owe to Apple resulting from the decision Koh upheld. Its filing also asked for a stay for a new trial pending appeal.

Judge Koh ruled that because of evidence production and post trial proceedings in other patent disputes, many documents that Samsung and Apple have attempted to keep out of the public eye have already been made publicly available, and accordingly were denied requests to seal several documents involved in the case.

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