Apple vs. Samsung Takes an Unexpected Turn

GavelA judge presiding over the post-trial hearing in the famous Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) versus Samsung court case in California appears set to reduce the $1.05 billion jury verdict against the Korean company.

What is the Post-Trial Hearing Considering?

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh did not say how she would rule on the sales ban request made by Apple against Samsung products found to be in violation of several of its patents, or how much of the $1.05 billion award she could possibly reduce. However, the judge is said to be reviewing the 26 line items listed by the jury in August while calculating the verdict it handed out.

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Koh added on Thursday that she would issue a series of rulings over the next few weeks to address the many legal issues at hand, but urged the two companies to settle their differences. “I think it’s time for global peace,” Koh told lawyers for the two companies during a court hearing on Thursday in San Jose, California, the Associated Press said.

What Have the Two Companies Asked For?

While Apple has asked the judge to add to the award and permanently ban U.S. sales of eight Samsung devices, the Korean company is seeking a new trial or at least a reduction of the verdict. Koh is also considered Samsung’s demand for a retrial on allegations of jury misconduct…

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