Apple’s iTunes Radio Contract Secrets Revealed

itunes radio or iradioApple (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans can get an early peek at Apple’s iTunes Radio thanks to a leaked copy of the independent record labels’ contract that was posted on Digital Music News. Although the contract primarily covers the royalty payment deal offered to the independent artists and labels, it also contains some fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses of the functions that will be part of iTunes Radio.

Although iTunes Radio will have some stations with “pre-programmed playlists,” other stations will allow users to dynamically create their own playlists “on the fly” through Apple’s “proprietary programming algorithms.” However, users are limited to six “Performance” skips per hour on any type of channel or station.

Be careful to only skip a song that you’re absolutely sure you don’t want to hear. Apple will not allow iTunes Radio users to rewind, skip back, or restart any songs. However, users are permitted to pause the music streaming service.