Apple’s Lightning Shows Just Who Is In Control of the iAccessories Industry

“If you took this apart and put it in another product and Apple got a hold of it, they’d be able to see it’s from Mophie’s batch of Lightning connectors,” explained Ross Howe to the Times. Howe is Mophie’s vice president of marketing.

Rumors are circulating that, although the Lightning can be reverse-engineered and placed in unauthorized devices, a software update from Apple would render these non-approved devices useless.

From a business perspective, this would not only encourage hardware makers to participate in Apple’s stringent licensing requirements, but heavily discourage the making of cheap, knock-off products that could be disabled by a simple software update.

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Not quite ready to give up your 30 pins yet? For $29, Apple can offer you a 30 pin to Lightning adapter, although be aware that it may not fit in your old iAccessories.

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