Apple’s 7 Most Innovative Devices Through the Years

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

There is probably no other tech company around today that inspires loyalty from its users like Apple does. Since the company’s apocryphal founding in Steve Jobs’s garage in 1976, Apple has grown one of the most valuable companies out there. Of course, this unprecedented success didn’t happen overnight.  Rather, it was the cumulative result of over 30 years of releasing well-crafted and intuitive computer products designed mostly under the guidance of Steve Jobs and several other creative minds at Apple.

Although not every product released by Apple has been a homerun hit, the company has maintained an enviable batting average when it comes to successful product releases. From the Apple II to the iPad mini, here are seven products that made Apple the beloved tech company that it is today. What must-have device will Apple unveil next?

April 1977: Apple II

Designed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the Apple II became the company’s first hit product as noted by “Woz” in a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. “We only sold about a hundred Apple I’s,” recalled Wozniak. “Of the Apple II’s, we probably sold a few thousand through the first year. And then [we designed] a spreadsheet program that let small businessmen do more work in one hour than they could do in 10 years with pencil and paper. Sales shot up. It was maybe five years before we sold a million — the first computer ever to sell a million.”

The Apple II was the first widely successful microcomputer. It featured an 8-bit home device, color graphics (as noted by the rainbow-striped Apple logo), and a floppy disk drive known as the Disk II.