Apple’s SETTLEMENT and 4 Stocks Making Headlines to Start the Week

Harley Davidson (NYSE:HOG): According to RBC Capital, the company saw much better sales through June – the market is torn between a view that the motorcycle maker’s sales link to consumer sentiment while, on the flip side, perma bulls on the stock maintain that the company’s loyal fan following makes it relatively immune to macroeconomic cycles.

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The NYSE’s (NYSE:NYX) hybrid monitoring system that has humans watching the market alongside powerful computers proved its efficacy Friday, when hawk-eyed staff spotted an erroneous order that a dealer input for Monster Worldwide instead of Monster Beverage.

Under a court-mediated settlement in China, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will pay $60 million to Hong Kong computer monitor maker Proview for settling a dispute over the iPad name; the deal removes major bottlenecks to sales of the iPad including the launch of its latest model in China, an extremely important market for Apple.

Amidst persistent rumors that the company may be acquired, (NASDAQ:ACOM), which launched in 1996,  announced the addition of its two-millionth subscriber.

Brazilian state-owned oil major Petrobras (NYSE:PBR) ended a long-festering dispute with former Belgian joint venture partner, Transcor Astra, by agreeing to pay $820 million for the balance 50 percent it did not already own in Pasadena Refining Systems.

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