Apple’s Still the Coolest Kid on the Block, Even if It’s Growing Up


— Allen Wastler (@AWastler) July 18, 2013


Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) earnings are around the corner, and just like putting up the Christmas tree on Black Friday, we’re all free to start speculating on what the company has in store for investors. Estimates will roll in right up to the closing bell on Tuesday, after which Apple will report, but the current consensus is pretty clear: don’t expect much movement, and think long.

Allen Wastler’s comment is interesting because even though Bank of America likely took the spotlight because of earnings, it suggests that Apple is losing a little bit of popularity. Growth expectations this time around are tempered compared to the previous few quarters, where speculation about sales volume took on an almost competitive nature. But it became apparent after the last quarter that the company is maturing.

Apple is expected to transition slowly away from a product cycle-driven, hardware-focused computer company to a software and services company. This means flatter quarterly revenues and steadier earnings. This certainly doesn’t make Apple any less of a company, but it does make earnings season slightly less spectacular.