Are Facebook Users Becoming Less Interested?

The study asked the 61 percent of Facebook users that took a break to explain why they did so. There was a wide variety of reasons, but 21 percent said they were simply too busy and did not have time for it. Ten percent said they were not interested or did not like it, while another 10 percent said the content was not relevant and a waste of time.

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Pew Internet provides some of the thoughts from those who took Facebook breaks: ‘I was tired of stupid comments.‘… ‘[I had] crazy friends. I did not want to be contacted.’…‘I took a break when it got boring.‘…‘It was not getting me anywhere.‘…‘Too much drama.’…‘You get burned out on it after a while.’…‘I gave it up for Lent.’…‘I was fasting.’… ‘People were [posting] what they had for dinner.’…‘I didn’t like being monitored.’…‘I got harassed by someone from my past who looked me up.’…‘I don’t like their privacy policy.’…‘It caused problems in my [romantic] relationship.’

On the positive, a whopping 92 percent of social networking site users maintain a profile on Facebook…