Astronomical Ticket Sales Boost ‘Gravity’ at Box Office

(Source Warner Bros.)

If you tried to avoid the crowds for Warner Bros.’s (NYSE:TWX) space epic Gravity this weekend in an attempt to see it during the week, chances are it didn’t exactly work out as planned. That’s because the box office frenzy for Alfonso Cuarón’s hugely buzzed-about film has followed it through the weekend on unrivaled word-of-mouth, leading to some incredible box office numbers in the typically slow month of October.

Gravity crossed the $100 million mark worldwide on Tuesday, Variety reports, and the Warner Bros. film is showing no signs of slowing down. According to Box Office Mojo, Gravity has posted box office totals of $6.02 million, $6.63 million, and $5.33 million through the first three days of the week, which Variety says is almost unheard of for weekday box office numbers in October. Domestic box office totals for Gravity stand at $73.7 million as of Wednesday.

“The word-of-mouth on this movie is staggering,” Warner Bros. President of Domestic Distribution Dan Fellman said to Variety. “These are extremely huge, record-breaking numbers for midweek. We did a survey last night showing that 6 percent of the audience has seen the movie more than once.” The Hollywood Reporter put it simply: ”Gravity is playing like summer in fall.”