AT&T Joins the iPhone Pricing Battle


AT&T (NYSE:T) recently announced new sale prices for several variants of new iPhone models as the longtime Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) carrier prepares for the expected holiday shopping season rush. The 16GB iPhone 5S that regularly sells for $199.99 is now available from AT&T for $99.99. However, the 32GB iPhone 5S and the 64GB iPhone 5S still sell for the standard $299.99 and $399.99 prices, respectively.

AT&T has also halved the prices for several iPhone 5C models. The 16GB iPhone 5C that regularly sells for $99.99 is now available for $49.99, and the 32GB version that usually retails for $199.99 is now $99.99.

AT&T also dramatically slashed the price of Apple’s discontinued 16GB iPhone 5: Last year’s iPhone model is now available for $49.99 from AT&T. The price of the legacy iPhone 4S model has also been reduced. The 8GB iPhone 4S is practically free at 49 cents, and the 16GB version is only $24.99. Although AT&T declined to provide a specific timeframe for its Apple smartphone sale, the carrier noted that there are “limited supplies” of each iPhone model. Buyers must also sign a standard two-year service contract in order to qualify for the iPhone price discounts.