Bank of America Dodges “Worst Company in America” Title

There are three main components the Consumerist blames for EA’s back-to-back wins. The company sells millions of games, which often receive high marks, but it still has a reputation for rushing games to the marketplace. Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2, and the sequels for Dead Space all fall under this scrutiny. EA has also failed at offering products at reasonable prices.

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Video games require a large amount of capital, but publishers like EA have been accused of refusing to compete on pricing. The price tag says $60 because the studios say so. EA also has deals with the NFL that prohibits competitors from offering similar content for a lower price. Finally, EA’s customer support leaves gamers wanting more, as call centers struggle to address problems with transaction errors and gaming questions.

“Until EA stops sucking the blood out of games in order to make uninspiring sequels, or at least until they begin caring about how much gamers hate their lack of respect for our money and intelligence, this is going to continue,” writes Penny Arcade’s Kuchera.

Bank of America comes in second place…