Best Buy: Fire This Advertising Agency Now!

Best Buy’s (NYSE:BBY) shareholders have already been fleeced by executives with no vision. Now, Mad Men on Madison Avenue are also ripping off the big box retailer.

How did this incredibly damaging advertisement get approved at Best Buy HQ?

First, watch this quick “Santa List” commercial to see if you can spot the horrible message it sends:

Did you pick up what Best Buy’s over-priced advertising agency was putting down? Let me break it down in a simple syllogism:

  1. Bring your children to Best Buy;
  2. Use the store as a showroom — in this case, to test sweet Apple products; then,
  3. Go online in the store and find someone else (e.g., Santa) to bring you things.

Of course, the advertising agency will justify this blunder by saying the message is for parents to purchase the items from Best Buy because, as we all know, Santa Claus is not real. WRONG! Advertising is about planting calls to action inside the brains of prospective customers. In this case, no one in the ad is setting an example for the ad viewers to purchase the items at Best Buy. Instead, the message is clear… (see our conclusion on the next page)

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