BlackBerry Scores With This Huge Corporate Order

After losing business from the U.S. National Transit Safety Board and I.C.E. — as well as Home Depot (NYSE:HD) — the news had started to look entirely negative for BlackBerry. A Canadian Tire executive noted it was “partnering with another great Canadian company” to support its business, but BlackBerry spokespeople downplayed the national-pride angle.

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“BlackBerry is committed to being a leader in mobile computing and expanding mobility in the business world,” said Andrew MacLeod, an Research in Motion executive. Investors looking to parse MacLeod’s statement will recall that CEO Thorstein Heins hinted of more devices to come from the company, including ones that could consolidate tablet,  laptop and smartphone functions. BlackBerry is thinking long-game in both software and devices. The news had the company’s stock trading up over 2.5 percent at the close of the week’s trading in New York.

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