BMC Software Earnings Call Insights: ESM License Bookings and Lower Share Count

BMC Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:BMC) recently reported its third quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

ESM License Bookings

Matt Hedberg – RBC Capital Markets: Obviously, ESM license bookings was disappointing. I guess I wanted to dig into that a little bit more. I think you indicated that there were a few large transactions that slipped. Was that more – I know at the top you mentioned was a little bit environment, little bit execution, because you sort of give us little bit more color on was that more environment, was it more execution and perhaps which geos those deals were in?

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Robert E. Beauchamp – Chairman and CEO: So, the geos were, while it was a little more Europe, I would say that it was across geographies and across verticals. It was really transactions that were transformational or optional. We did not really see slips in deals that had an expiration date, a contract renewal. These were really the deals where the customers say swapping out competitors, standardizing on our platform for their new architecture, those sort of larger deals where there is more, for lack of a better term risk to the customer more ROI, justification and when it got to procurement, we saw them slowdown for a couple for reasons. In some cases, it was a macro, whether their institution just were pulling back on discretionary, large transactions – we don’t have to do it this quarter, let’s wait. In a few cases there was – they inserted a cycle where they wanted to speak with me or with Steve or with some other executives of BMC around press coverage and our strategic revenue announcements and the press coverage surrounding that. So, we saw both of those things, kind of add an additional cycle in the close, but again it was transactions that were transformational, optional and not deals where we have for instance capacity based upgrades and contract expirations. We saw really nice compliance for the quarter on those type of deals.

Matt Hedberg – RBC Capital Markets: So not as competitive then either, is that fair to assume also?