Cadillac’s ELR Reportedly Isn’t Worth the Premium

Cadillac ELR

General Motors (NYSE:GM) seemed to take the collective auto enthusiast world’s breath away when it released the Cadillac ELR — not because the car was a game changer, looked especially stunning, or represented a significant departure from the status quo (though in its own way, it did these things, to some extent). Observers found the most shocking part of the ELR to be its starting price tag of $75,995.

By itself, $76,000 for a Cadillac isn’t totally unheard of. Several models equipped with higher trims easily breach that number. What Cadillac is working against, though, is the perception that the ELR is little more than a Chevrolet Volt wearing a nicer suit.

Critics of the car have called it out as being not worth the extra cost, and to make matters pseudo-official, Consumer Reports agrees that the ELR is just not worth the hefty premium. Though the magazine — regarded as one of the leading authorities of automotive testing — enjoyed the ELR’s styling and quiet cabin, the new Caddy is simply ”priced out of its league.”