Can Beamz Interactive Make Sweet Music?

The OTC Market is certainly full of companies looking to grow through public investment and there have been many that have been able to take a simple idea, market the brand, and reap the rewards of unbridled success. In music, entertainment, and electronics, many companies compete to gain a small percentage of the market share by either replicating an already existing idea, creating accessories/add-ons for current products, or completely breaking the mold and creating a one-off product that could be revolutionary to the market.

I came across one such “revolutionary” company and being the “SmallCapReporter”, decided to do a little digging of my own. What I found may have been nothing short of a company that could, in fact, be the “mold breaker” in several major industries that generate billions of dollars in revenue a year on their own (without the addition of product innovation). I feel that with that in mind, this company may have a strong shot at capturing un-tapped segments in multiple markets based on a product and proprietary technology that sets it apart from its competition. The main reason to me is simple; there’s nothing like it on the market today.

Beamz Interactive (OTC:BZIC) is an emerging growth technology company with a state-of-the-art interactive music product appropriately called “The Beamz”. This product may revolutionize the entertainment and music industries while also having a trickle-down effect for other uses such as education, gaming, and special needs therapy. The actual Beamz system is built around an interactive laser controller technology, which allows a user to create and play music by simply waving their hands through the laser beams.

According to the company, it’s easy enough for anyone to use regardless of age or experience but has the depth to allow professionals in the space such as DJ’s, artists, and musicians to perform and even compose simple or sophisiticated, interactive music. Beamz has a number of uses and cross-market functionality to allow the company entry into multiple segments.