Can BlueStacks Give Microsoft’s Tablets an Edge?

A recent software could reshape the smartphone and tablet market, potentially giving Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) a new edge, or acting as a great equalizer.

The software is called BlueStacks and is made by the privately-held company by the same name. The name gives no hint as to what it does, but BlueStacks has the potential to change some key dynamics between the various smartphone and tablet platforms.

The BlueStacks program is an Android emulator, meaning that people can run Android apps in the program as if they were using an Android device. While the feature is nifty for people who just have a Mac or PC and still want to have fun with apps, the broader significance of an app like this isn’t at first apparent.

Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) app store has been growing and growing, adding more and more apps, recently having caught up to Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) tally of apps. The ever-growing market for Android apps and the expanding user-base of Android devices could be a major pull for app developers to target Android first, before iOS or Windows devices…