Can Google Go Anywhere But Up?

android-logoWord on the street is that Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) pretty much rules the Internet. Its leading position in the industry is highlighted by the eponymous verb, symbolized by a little green robot, and emphasized by its strong financial performance.

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Google bulls have existed for as long as the brand has. The company’s tremendous growth on the stock chart has been interrupted over the years — most significantly in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis — but has trended confidently upwards to a recent all-time high of $808.97 per share. Credit falls to the company’s ability to ride the rapidly-moving curve of technological innovation with only occasional blunders.

With 29 percent year-over-year growth under its belt as of February 20, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that analysts are looking for similar growth by this time next year. Android is a smashing success, and it would take some sort of catastrophe to prevent the mobile operating system from growing with the inexorably expanding mobile market. No one is expecting Google search to give up its leading position any time soon. Attention-grabbing projects like Glass and self-driving cars keep the brand alive, healthy, and valuable, and a slew of new technologies like the Pixel Chromebook signal the company’s first real steps as a provider of significant mobile computing solutions.

No surprises here, but catching headlines on Thursday is the fact that if the company grows another 29 percent over the next 52 weeks, its stock price will break the psychologically-significant level of $1,000…

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