Can LinkedIn Take a Bite Out of This Multibillion Dollar Pie?

As CEO Jeff Weiner noted in an appearance at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference in San Francisco on Monday, enterprises would benefit from new tools to facilitate a private form of networking. CNET, which covered Weiner’s presentation at the conference, reported that this set of tools would allow employees within a particular company to make connections and share information with each other in a company-specific sphere.

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For LinkedIn — a company that built its business on linking professionals in networks related to their industries, it is not much of a stretch to link professionals together on the basis of their employer — especially if the company in question may have more than one office. Yet, it was one function that was missing from LinkedIn’s professional services.

LinkedIn is already eating “at its own restaurant,” Weiner said, a stand-in term for what other companies call “dogfooding.” What this means is that the company has already begun internally testing the strength of this option as a social networking tool for professionals.