Can Microsoft Stay Relevant?

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) didn’t have the best year in 2012 for PC sales, and didn’t have the best past few months with its Surface tablets. Now, the tech giant could be depending on its newest tablet to keep the company relevant. The only problem is, not everyone is aware the company has a new tablet hitting the market.

Last year, PC sales slumped in the face of the ever-growing popularity of smartphones and tablets — two markets in which Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been leading the way, though it has recently lost its grip on the smartphone market. Microsoft’s new Windows mobile OS and its own in-house manufactured devices were meant to help it compete better in this quickly evolving market, but so far, they haven’t exactly been a saving grace.

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And what’s worse, Microsoft is facing pressure in other parts of the industry. A significantly large part of Microsoft’s business comes from enterprise users. Windows-based PCs have long been powering offices and cubicles alike, but tablets have been changing the playing field, with Apple as the clear leader.

While Apple may not have as much dominance in the smartphone market as it once had, its iPads are still by far the most popular tablets on the market, and Apple has been increasingly pushing them as tools for business people and enterprise customers. Apple’s efforts threaten to nudge Microsoft out of one area in which it has previously thrived: business.